"Every man can count the number of seeds in a fruit, but God alone can count the fruit that comes from a seed." 



   Seeds of Faith takes the reader on a journey through the landscape of the miraculous. I have used my personal experiences with Jesus Christ to chronicle a life marked by an amazing supernatural relationship with a living God. Seeds of Faith will bring the grace, love and joy of the living God into the forefront of your daily life, it will change your thoughts and heart about miracles and reveal the unimaginable kindness that God has for people.


  As I rattled off 35 hours of audio taped stories of my life, only gleaning the surface of a testimony reeking of God’s amazing grace and goodness, without an agenda or outline, I realized something incredible…my life (stories of my childhood, business and ministry) all lined up into a series of major life lessons accompanied by countless minor life lessons.


  All of these were encompassed and summarized by a Bible verse of which a part is the title of each chapter. God then gave me five major pillars that were foundations for my life. My story is simply weaved through the chapters along with the accounts from the Bible to emphasize and teach each life lesson.


  The heart of this author is that this book would be a reflection of the desire of my life, that through knowing me, readers would gain a personal experience and greater knowledge of their God, Jesus Christ…that I might kneel down; so when a person looks towards me, they will look past me, and see His glory!

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