Harry Gomes Ministries


   Brother Harry Gomes is an inspiring man of God. Called to bring the Gospel (Good News) from his homeland of India, Brother Harry has given up everything to preach the gospel, pray for the sick, raise orphans in love and train Bible college students.

Through his ministry, it is estimated that over 12 million people have come to receive salvation in Jesus Christ!

Jesus has healed over 250,000 people through him, including five people raised from the dead, hundreds of people born blind received sight, and countless deaf and paralyzed people have been healed. Through Harry Gomes’ tireless efforts the reports and evidence of healing and salvation continue across the globe.


  We continue to partner with Harry Gomes Ministries through personal mentorship with David and by facilitating crusades in India and now in North America. We financially, physically and spiritually support Brother Harry’s God inspired vision to raise, grow and support an orphanage in which the children are not just cared for, but are trained up to be warriors (Evangelists, Pastors, Prophets, Apostles, and Teachers) for Jesus.


  This vision extends to a Bible College also dedicated to training students for God’s calling. As Brother Harry does 15-20 crusades per year a great need for ministry is established in the regions that he visits and demonstrates the living power of Jesus Christ. As Bible College students graduate, the former students are trained to be established in these cities to follow up with the people who receive Jesus at the crusades so they can be deciplied. Churches are planted in every city that the ministry touches. It is a vision that we are proud to be called to support and to watch unfold by the strength of Jesus Christ.

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