"We wanted to update you as to my healing from the Stage 4 Melanoma cancer. As I know you recall, last March (now almost a year ago!), when you prayed for me and others at our home, I was very sick. I had been requiring continuing transfusions due to internal bleeding and the current treatments had stopped working. About that time you were in San Antonio in March, I was scheduled to start another treatment, my seventh in the past three years. The day you prayed for me I immediately had relief from pain from surgery. From that day forward I required no further transfusions, and I began to recover and gain strength. That was the case all the way through the Fall when you returned to minister at David Walker’s church.

Another update – this New Year’s I had another scan and the results are truly a miracle. In our doctor’s words, “The tumors are either completely gone or significantly reduced”, and, “This is really impressive”. He said the large tumor in my liver was to the point of not being able to distinguish it from the rest of the liver, making it a non-event. We have not heard this before in our three years and know with every breath we take and every cell in our bodies that this is a sovereign miracle, evidence of His “outstretched arm and mighty hand”! We praise God for His tender mercies!


Someone once said the true evidence of our faithfulness is not what we do for the Lord, but how we allow the Lord to work through us. You are both the true New Testament Church example of that – allowing God to work through you, as humble vessels! We praise God for you and hold you tightly in our prayers. We wanted you to know what God has done through you."

Chuck H.

“I am 87 yrs old and I have suffered acute pain in my right thigh for 11 years. While having breakfast on Monday, 2-9-15, I happened to see your program while watching TBN. I was agreeing with what I saw on the program, though I did not ask for healing. I got up after breakfast and realized that I was healed and did not have the same issues as before.”

Eleanor H.

"We are praising the Lord for my husband, John’s, miracle healing of his blocked carotid arteries. The doctor’s said that they were 70% blocked and needed surgery. Pastor Turner prayed for him in Baltimore at Small Voice Ministries on Sunday, July 20th and declared his arteries completely cleared and healed! He was scheduled for an angiography the following morning and the doctors were astonished that all of his arteries were completely CLEAR!! Glory to God in the Highest! We are so blessed to have attended Pastor Turner’s meeting where God’s glory and healing manifested and touched so many lives including our own!


May God continue to bless, empower, and increase exponentially your wonderful ministry to the Body of Christ!"

John & Betty

"I am writing to say your prayer and faith had an almost immediate effect and healing of the pain in my knee that had continued for over a year.  You prayed a ten second prayer for the items I requested.  I knew that God can do anything but I was amazed to realize the pain that had limited me for more than a year was gone by the time I walked out of the church.  I stepped down from the curb to the parking lot and realized that the pain was already gone.  Thank you for being a faithful steward!  Glory to my Father in heaven and Jesus my Lord and Savior!  Our Father pour out blessings on you and your ministry that overflow and cannot be contained!"

Larry N.

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