The Story

Where it all began

David Turner spent his childhood in poverty in Buffalo, NY. At thirteen-years-old, he visited his wealthy uncle in Florida who sat and asked him, "What do you want to do with your life?"

Young David was daunted and slightly intimidated by his uncles direct question. Looking away, David gently tells him, "I want to make a million dollars before I am 30." David braced himself to be mocked to have a dream so large while being raised in poverty. 

His uncle looks at David and asks, "Why think so small?"

Forever, his perspective changed. 

At 19, David opened his first business, a New York Deli named "Heaven on Rye". In his twenties he moved to Los Angeles, being the first person ever to open hot dog carts in the city. Growing his entreprenural gifts, David grew his businesses Southwest Commodities and Suntree from the ground up; which he later sold for 250-million in 2017. 

Where you come in

God gave David the vision to share the wisdom and knowledge of his business success and stewardship of his wealth with the Body of Christ. In 2019, David spent hours in prayer and the Word to write down the scriptures, lessons, experiences and heavenly wisdom to teach the church how to operate successfully in Kingdom ecomony. 


Kings and Priests is a two-day seminar developed specifically for the body of Christ to learn biblical principles of financial stewardship, budgeting, investments and more. His goal is to empower the church in realms of finance and business to gain wealth, be good stewards and build the Kingdom of God.

What's Included

As a participant in the Kings and Priests Conference, you will receive a business and finance pamphlet that outlines all topics of finance.

This covers topics of daily budgeting, giving, real estate investments and stewarding your money in ways that benefit you and the Kingdom. These seminars are designed for everyone, from the stay-at-home parent to the entreprenuer.

Each lesson is backed by the biblical principles behind it. 

Kings and Priests Workbook Sample 

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Kings and Priests

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