International Crusades

  David Turner has ledmultiple crusades in India since 2005. His first crusade was a three night event that took place in Namakkal, India where there was a miraculous and faith building move of God. Virtually all of the 2000 in attendance nightly were of the Hindu religion.

  The first night, 100 people received healings from Jesus. The second night David called for all the deaf and dumb people to come up to the stage. Ten people were brought up to the stage and as David prayed, Jesus healed all ten; each person receiving their hearing or able to speak with clarity. The power of the miracles caused faith to rise to incredible levels that night, revealing the living power of Jesus.

  During that same night, David prayed over a woman with mental insanity. She began to talk normally and her mind became clear; at that moment hundreds of people rushed the stage and over 300 people received healing.

  On the third night, 400 people receive  miracles, including a 25 year old man who was born blind. He was helped onto the stage by his mother, but walked off the stage on his own ability. Thousands of people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior during that crusade.

  The message of the miracles of Jesus spread across the countryside and a week later, David did a crusade in the India where over 75,000 people gathered and over 2,000 instant miracles were performed by Jesus Christ. David travels the world doing crusades, leading people to Jesus Christ and watching the Lord heal every kind of disease and pain.

  As the miracles grow so do the invitations to share the Good News. Since the inception of the international outreach of DTIM, David has done multiple crusades in India, Mexico City, and others in Manchester, England; Panang, Malaysia; Costa Rico, and towns and cities throughout the United States.

  As long as the Lord leads him to this work, David will continue to invest his resources in holding crusades, reaching the lost in over 100 countries through the DTIM television program, “The Gospel is the Power,” and by preaching the gospel and praying for the sick to be healed.