It began at eight-years old, when young David sat peering over the ocean waves crashing into the shore that the Lord revealed his first piece of heavenly wisdom. From then on, his life has been marked by the presence of God. 


Seeds of Faith will take you through a remarkable recollection of David's life-changing lessons from the Lord, testimonies of God's miracles that will encourage you to trust His faithfulness as he calls you to believe for more!



The Helper: Immersed in the Glory of God is an in-depth reading of the characteristics of the Holy Spirit. Each chapter uncovers and illustrates the power, beauty and love demonstrated by the Holy Spirit in scripture and our lives. 

Join us on this exploration to seek and learn about the Holy Spirit, our helper, comforter and advocate.


"Where can we continue to learn more?"

After events and meetings, our team would be constantly get asked,

"How can we hear more messages?" 

"Does DTIM offer lessons or schooling?"

"Where can we stay connected to your ministry?"


No more worries. We have the answer for you. EXPERIENCE JESUS is full discipleship app designed just for you. It has every tool and lesson to equip believers to go to the next level in their faith. Over 350 on-demand streaming shows, Bible memorization tools, daily Rhema word and more!


Don't have a smart phone? Not a problem! You can get all the features on