David Turner is an international businessman and healing evangelist, traveling the world at his own expense to pray for the sick in the name of Jesus Christ. While bringing a revival to this nation (America) and sharing the gospel of Jesus in India and throughout the seven continents, David has built a ministry rooted in loving Jesus and loving people through sharing the gospel of Jesus and demonstrating the living word through healing, miracles, deliverance, signs, and wonders.



  David Turner was born in Miami, Florida, USA. His early years were marked by a variety of personal trials. At the age of one his father left and when he was three his mother married his stepfather who was a Christian pastor, unfortunately, he didn’t represent the heart of Jesus as he was an alcoholic who would drink a six pack of beer and beat his kids on Saturday; then preach a sermon on Sundays. This phoniness and hypocrisy impacted David significantly and kept David from knowing Jesus in his early years.


  David worked most of his teenage years, saving money and honing entrepreneurial skills, escaping the trials of his childhood through intense focus and personal discipline.

David graduated high school after 11th grade, leaving early for college on an Advanced Placement Program. He finished college with a Business Management degree after two years. At the age of 19, David, driven to be a success, poured himself into a restaurant business. Over the next 30 years, he built two other companies from start-up to over 100 million in sales.


  During his 20’s, although he appeared to be a success by all worldly measurements, personal trauma drove David back to church in an effort to seek some peace in his life.


He received Jesus as his Lord and Savior six months later and a new journey began. Determined not to repeat his stepfather’s hypocrisy, he tried his best to live a good Christian life and to apply the principles of integrity in following the Lord to the best of his ability.


  That all changed in November of 2003. Driven by a desire to help make a difference in the lives of his employees, David started an office bible study. He invited a pastor to speak each week and while he sat under the teaching his eyes were opened to the living power of the Holy Spirit. In December 2003 David told his wife, Jennifer. “I believe God wants to do something with my life, but it seems as if something is holding me back. I believe it is my past.” Jennifer suggested that David go to see the pastor again after he completed his bible study series. Four weeks later he went to see this pastor thinking it would be just another counseling session where he would dredge up all the things of the past. Instead, the pastor took a very different approach and began reviewing scripture that were centered on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.


  David did not fully understand how that was going to change

the weight of his past but expressed a desire to want everything that

God had for him and a deeper, more personal relationship with

Jesus. That day in prayer he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

and his life was never the same.


  During the prayer, the Pastor asked. “What do you know about

healing?” David answered, “I know it happened in the Bible.”
“It happens today,” replied the Pastor. “No disrespect intended, but

I’ll believe it when I see it, “ laughed David. The Pastor responded,

“You won’t just see it, you’ll do it!” David responded, “Why don’t I

just see it first, and then we’ll talk about doing it.”


  Within one week of the prayer, Jesus began to do miracle healings

through David’s life first in his own body and then as he prayed for

others. In the first year over 80 people were healed. In God’s

faithfulness and perfect timing, he sent Brother Harry Gomes to help

with mentorship. Through the power and provision of God, David travels internationally doing crusades, sharing the Gospel, and praying for the sick. When David prays, Jesus continues to heal tens of thousands; those born blind see, those who are paralyzed walk, the sick are healed, and many are delivered. The miracles and healings continue to bring the good news of a living Jesus.


  David is supported in ministry by his wife Jennifer and his two children, Sarah and Christopher. Jennifer is a constant partner supporting him throughout his life both on and off stage. 

To see the full story of the history and birth of David Turner International Ministries, watch the video below.

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Watch the full history and life changing moments that led David Turner to surrender his life to serving Jesus.