David Turner International Ministries

David Turner, international businessman and healing evangelist, spends his own money to travel the world and pray for the sick in the name of Jesus Christ.

David prays for people who came forward in San Antonio.


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To bring a revival in this nation (America) and share the Gospel of Jesus in India and throughout the seven continents.



Loving Jesus and loving people through sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and praying for the sick.


Statement of Faith

  1. The Bible is inerrant and is the inspired word of God (2 Tim 3:16)
  2. There is one God existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Mat 28:19, 2 Cor 13:14)
  3. In Jesus Christ the Son of God, Savior for men, conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary. (Luke 1:26-35, Rom 4:25)
  4. Jesus died for our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day. After forty days He ascended into heaven (1 Cor 15:4, Rom 4:25)
  5. We as man are saved by grace through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. (Eph 2:8-9, Heb 9-12, Rom 5:10)
  6. In eternal life for the believer and eternal punishment for the unbeliever. (John 5:24, 3:16, 2 Thes 1:9, Rev 20:10-15)
  7. In the baptism of the Holy Spirit as an experience subsequent to salvation experienced by one or more of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:4, 8:14-17)
  8. In the ministry of laying on of the hands for healing (James 5:14)
  9. Healing and miracles are available to all who believe. (Mark 9:23, 11:23-24)


Harry Gomes Ministries

Brother Harry Gomes is an inspiring man of God. Called to bring the Gospel or Good News from his homeland of India, Brother Harry has given up everything to preach the gospel, pray for the sick, raise orphans in love and train Bible college students.

Through his ministry it is estimated that over 12 million people have come to receive salvation in Jesus Christ!

Jesus has healed over 250,000 people through him, including five people raised from the dead, 120 people born blind received sight, and countless deaf and paralyzed people have been healed. Through Harry Gomes’ tireless efforts the reports and evidence of healing and salvation continue across the globe.

We continue to partner with Harry Gomes Ministries through personal mentorship with David and by facilitating crusades in India and now in North America. We financially, physically and spiritually support Brother Harry’s God inspired vision to raise, grow and support an orphanage in which the children are not just cared for, but are trained up to be warriors (Evangelists, Pastors, Prophets, Apostles and Teachers) for Jesus.

This vision extends to a Bible College also dedicated to training students for God’s calling. As Brother Harry does 15-20 crusades per year a great need for ministry is established in the regions that he visits and demonstrates the living power of Jesus Christ. As Bible College Graduates, the former students are trained to be established in these cities; to follow up with the people who receive Jesus at the crusades so they can be raised disciples, and churches can be planted in every city that the ministry touches. It is a vision that we are proud to be called to support and to watch unfold by the strength of Jesus Christ.



David Turner was born in Miami, Florida, USA.

His early years were marked by a variety of personal trials. At the age of one his father left and by his third birthday David found himself in a new relationship with a stepfather who was a christian leader, teaching on Sunday and pouring his anger our on the family during the week.

David worked most of the teenage years, saving money and honing entrepreneurial skills, escaping the trials of his childhood through intense focus and personal discipline. david graduated high school after 11th grade, leaving early for college on an Advanced Placement Program. He finished college with a Business Management degree after two years. At the age of 19, David, driven to be a success, poured himself into a restaurant business. Over the next 20 years he built two other companies from start-up to over 100 million in sales.

During his 20’s, although he appeared to be a success by all worldly measurements, personal trauma drove David back to church in an effort to seek some peace in his life. He received Jesus as his Lord and Savior one year later and a new journey began.

Determined not to repeat his stepfather’s hypocrisy, he tried his best to live a good Christian life and to apply the principles of integrity in following the Lord to the best of his ability.

That all changed in November of 2003. Driven by a desire to help make a difference in the lives of his employees, David started an office bible study. He invited a Pastor to speak each week and while he sat under the teaching his eyes were opened to the living power of the Holy Spirit.

In December 2003 David told his wife, Jennifer. “I believe God wants to do something with my life, but it seems as if something is holding me back. I believe it is my past.” Jennifer suggested that David go to see this Pastor. Four weeks later he went to see his pastor to dredge up all of the things of his past. His pastor had a different suggestion and began reviewing scripture that was centered on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

David did not fully understand how that was going to change the weight of his past, but expressed a desire to want everything that God had for him and a deeper, more personal relationship with Jesus. That day in prayer he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and his life was never the same.

During the prayer the Pastor asked. “What do you know about healing?” David answered, “I know it happened in the Bible.”
“It happens today,” replied his Pastor. “I’ll believe it when I see it, “laughed David. The Pastor responded, “You won’t just see it, you’ll do it!” David responded, “Why don’t I just see it first, and than we’ll talk about doing it.”

Within one week of the prayer, Jesus began to do miracle healings through David’s life. In the first year over 80 people were healed. In God’s faithfulness and perfect timing, He sent Brother Harry Gomes to help with mentorship.

Through the power and provision of God, David travels internationally doing crusades, sharing the Gospel and praying for the sick.

When David prays, Jesus continues to heal tens of thousands; those born blind see, those who are paralyzed walk, and those being tormented find peace. The miracles and healings continue to bring the good news of a living Jesus to the lost, lonely and weak throughout the world.

David has given his heart to Jesus and he will never be the same!

David’s family

David is supported in ministry by his wife Jennifer and his two children, Jessica and Christopher. Jennifer is a constant support both on stage and off at David’s meetings and has been an inspiration in teaching the families of those called into ministry.



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International Crusades

David Turner has been leading multiple crusades in India since 2005. His first crusade was a three night event that took place in Namakkal, India where there was a miraculous and faith building move of God. Virtually all of the 2000 in attendance nightly were of the Hindu religion.

The first night, 100 people received healings from Jesus. The second night David called for all the deaf and dumb people to come up to the stage. Ten people were brought up to the stage and as David prayed, Jesus healed all ten; each person receiving their hearing or able to speak with clarity. The power of the miracles caused faith to rise to incredible levels that night, revealing the living power of Jesus.

During that same night, David prayed over a woman with mental insanity. She began to talk normally and her mind became clear; at that moment hundreds of people rushed the stage and over 300 people received healing.

On the third night, 400 people receive  miracles, including a 25 year old man who was born blind. He was helped onto the stage by his mother, but walked off the stage on his own ability. Thousands of people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior during that crusade.

The message of the miracles of Jesus spread across the countryside and a week later, David did a crusade in the India where over 75,000 people gathered and over 2,000 instant miracles were performed by Jesus Christ.

David travels the world doing crusades, leading people to Jesus Christ and watching the Lord heal every kind of disease and pain.

As the miracles grow so do the invitations to share the Good News. Since the inception of the international outreach of DTIM, David has done multiple crusades in India, Mexico City, and others in Manchester, England; Panang, Malaysia; Costa Rico, and towns and cities throughout the United States.

As long as the Lord leads him to this work, David will continue to invest his resources in holding crusades, reaching the lost in over 100 countries through the DTIM television program, “The Gospel is the Power,” and by preaching the gospel and praying for the sick to be healed.


Harvest India Bible College

The Bible College was established in 2002; currently the college has 50 students being trained up to spread the good news of Jesus Christ all over India, and over 60 students have already been sent out. These students are in a three year, tuition free program which involves extensive prayer, study of the Bible and practical evangelism experience assisting in our crusades. When these students graduate we assist them in planting a church, most often in the cities and villages where we have finished a crusade. They grow the church, disciple the people who receive Jesus Christ during the crusade. The facility can accommodate 100 students.


Home of Hope Orphanage

Home of Hope Orphanage currently houses and cares for 200 children. It is a very unique orphanage concept, in that they not only clothe, feed and give shelter to these children, but they are also trained up to to study four languages and spend two to four hours a day in prayer. They are being trained to be pastors, teachers and evangelists. At the appropriate age they transition from the orphanage to the Harvest India Bible College and then they are sent our for full-time ministry.

The Home of Hope Orphanage accepts all orphans including children of single parents, and children whose parents are incapable of caring for them.

HOH - Kids at school HOH - Playing HOH - Kids Playing HOH - Facilities HOH - Worship Time


University of Theology

God has blessed us with 75 acres of land where we have broken ground and the foundation is being set in place. The first of its kind, the university will be a place where students from India and around the world as well as orphans and poor children will be trained up to be disciples for Jesus Christ. It will also be open to anyone who will answer the call to be a spiritual soldier for Jesus Christ regardless of nationality or financial status.

Upon completion of the university, it will have the amenities and resources to train 1,000 students annually.

The University objective is:

  • To raise up disciples of Jesus Christ to reach the 27 states and the 10 Union Territories in the land of India.
  • To equip the disciples for the 5 fold ministry as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers.
  • To raise up Spirit-filled prayer warriors as soldiers for Jesus Christ.
  • To be open to anyone willing to demonstrate faith, surrender, discipline, and sacrifice to the will of God.

The university will offer the following certificate and degree programs:

  • 3 Month Certificate
  • 6 Month Certificate
  • 1 Year Theology Certificate, including practical workshops
  • 2 Year Program leading to Diploma in Theology
  • Bachelor of Theology Degree (3 year Program)
  • Master of Theology Degree (Additional 2 Years which includes practicum)
  • Doctor of Divinity Degree (Additional 18 Month)

The University will also offer a wide variety of non-traditional classes which will be able to assist and equip pastors and lay people to better serve their church and community for Jesus Christ. By offering these classes, 4,000 people could benefit annually.


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